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August 22, 2022 | Posted in Web Hosting

Man, there’s lots of options for web hosting nowadays… super cheap too! There’s a couple things to consider before going for that off the shelf “WordPress Hosting” package you are tempted to try.

Your Site Will Have Problems

That brand new site you just launched (or paid to have done) is running great, looks great and has been steadily gaining traffic. Fast forward a year or two, and you just logged in. Uh oh, It’s telling you to update themes and plugins. You email that web person, who doesn’t get back to you. Against better judgement, you go ahead and update some things. Then it happens – the website is all jacked up. What do you do?! First order of business, let’s contact our web hosting company!

The Web Hosting Company Sucks

You spend 45 minutes on a support chat about your website, and it disconnects. Ok, keep it together, lets just call them – I’m sure they’ll help!

You sit on hold for a half an hour, put in your account information 3 times, then someone answers! “Hello, my I have your account information?” – After regurgitating it from memory without looking, you finally ask them about your updated, but dead, website.

The only answer?

Customer Support Doesn’t Help

“We don’t support things like that, the best we can do is restore form backup to before you updated.”

Ok, Ok. That doesn’t sound too bad. And it’ll work again right?

“We don’t know since we don’t support things like that, but it should.”

Ok, that’s fine – go ahead and restore from backup.

“Ok we’ll submit a request to our web devs and it should be restored within 24-48 hours. That will also be $99.99.”

What?!?!? Ok, Ok hold it together! We can wait a day or two and I guess that extra cost is worth it.

Things Get Worse

Fast forward another year. You visit your website only to realize the contact forms aren’t working, and things are looking a little strange. What do you do?

Imagine that circle happening every year or so when WordPress needs updated, as you slowly watch your search rank go down the tubes.

That cheap hosting plan ended up costing you exponentially more than expected.

Ok, So What Do I Do?

Imagine having a website that is automatically updated, patched and repaired as needed in order to stay healthy and optimally performing on search rank, page speed, and mobile friendliness.

Imagine having a lightning fast web hosting server right here in the part of the country most of your business is coming from. Super fast load times = better search engine rank 😉

“Ok great, but I don’t know how to manage a server!”

I get it, and you will never have to! I personally manage the server, the website, all the WordPress theme and plugin updates, and any and all issues that can and will arise.

How Do I Transfer My Site To New Web Hosting?

It’s a long and complicated process – unless you have someone on your side! I’ll take care of everything. Basically, I’ll do a backup of your site in it’s current state, then install it on one of my dedicated web servers here in Western, Pennsylvania. When we’re ready to make the switch, I can help you update your domain’s DNS records at your registrar, in order to point it from your old server, to the new server.

Ready To Get Started Or Have Questions?

Contact Aaron or visit Managed Web Hosting. Don’t worry! I’m very experienced in getting old sites working again, or helping fix them up enough until we can come up with a better solution for the future. I’m here to help, so just let me know!

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