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I hand-build every website, including the WordPress theme itself and all functionality. This ensures sustainability throughout years of updates, uses little to no plugins and limits 3rd party connections to the site improving speed, security and longevity. I can integrate any type of 3rd party API without plugins and keep them running automatically for any type of data, have the capability to build any type of layout and interface required, can deeply integrate JavaScript functionality, and always build my web sites with speed, search rank and mobile friendliness in mind.

Recent Web Work

Custom Built Code Vs WordPress?

In the early days, I used to design and code my own database-driven content management systems, in both ASP / .NET and PHP. I did this for basic website maintenance, but also for very advanced applications for a variety of business needs. When WordPress was first launched I tested it extensively (along with the many others of which I’m also proficient including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.) – WordPress was by far the best solution. It produced beautifully clean code, had a well thought out hierarchy, and stayed updated for security and performance automatically. It was the cleanest and easiest to use with a focus on publishing content which is amazing for quickly training, and handing over to my clients. It also, from its inception,  allowed coders to easily tap into the existing core in order to extend it to their needs.

Advanced Website Customizations

I have the capability to extend WordPress into a full blown online web application, online store, restaurant menu management and online ordering system, inventory tracking system and much more. I’ve built systems for real estate developers, national retail stores, auto dealerships, real estate companies, animal shelters, restaurant franchises, appliance stores, live music venues and a variety of others. All of this is done without the need of extensive plugins or off the shelf themes. I build all themes by hand for each client, with a focus on performance, sustainability, scalability, search engine optimization and mobile friendliness. When a plugin is needed for a certain specific task, it is researched, tested and vetted for the same quality before being installed in one of my sites. These advanced WordPress websites least for years without the need of a web developer’s intervention, and can be extensively customized for search engine optimization, current marketing objectives, social media integration, etc.

Website Fixes, Upgrades, Updates

Stuck with an older WordPress website that you’re afraid to update? That’s never a good thing and one of my pet peeves. A WordPress website, if built properly, should ALWAYS be updated along with all of its plugins. I can help get WordPress and it’s Themes and Plugins all updated to the latest versions safely, and if we need to explore alternatives or minor updates to the site to get it working again, I can do that too! Just let me know, I’d be glad to help.

Web Hosting & Website Maintenance

I maintain multiple dedicated servers here in Western Pennsylvania which I personally manage for performance, security and health for all WordPress sites and databases. All clients on my hosting servers enjoy the ability to reach out to me at anytime, but for the most part they never need to. I keep all WordPress installations, plugins, databases, programming languages and extensions upgraded and running smoothly at all times, for all my clients.

Typically, a business will purchase Web Hosting without giving a thought to what happens to it after they launch their website. In most cases, these sites and the web hosting packages will degrade over time requiring the assistance of a professional web developer to update, test and fix. For the about the same cost, you could have me on your side making sure things run smoothly for years to come. If and when something does come up, just let me know and I handle it quickly. Managed WordPress Hosting has proven to be a valuable service for all of my clients.

Search Engine Rank – Why Website Design Matters

This is a tricky subject. Website owners are constantly bombarded with ads to improve their “SEO” / Search Rank so its like the wild west out there. My advice is simple – Out of the box, ALL sites I build are search engine friendly – what you do with them after that will heavily determine success or mediocrity online.

Your amount of content, frequency of updates, social media activity, Google Business Page activity, etc. all play a major role in your search rank. I can help your WordPress SEO by helping you focus on a plan to become successful by keeping the site itself updated with fresh content, showing you how to post on social media and properly link back to the WordPress website, and ultimately how to create a natural routine to help the chances of your success.

Every WordPress site I build is fast, mobile friendly and structured properly for search engines. I’ll give you all the tools to become successful and try to guide you along the way. I maintain relationships with 3rd party partners that also can help with your ongoing search engine marketing and advertising needs when you need it.

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