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Dedicated Web Hosting Services

I maintain multiple dedicated web hosting servers right here in Western, Pennsylvania. I personally monitor these servers for performance and keep them upgraded with the latest versions of SSL Encryption, MySQL and PHP and root level extensions. I also keep all the WordPress sites on my server updated and running smoothly. WordPress core software and any plugins used are kept up to date and healthy. I also include full time SSL encryption on all the sites (https:// and lock in the browser) which also helps search rank at no extra cost.

This prevents most problems that arise from having a typical web hosting package and nobody technically capable on your side to fix things. Oftentimes I can also save you money from your current, non-managed services. If you do ever have a problem, I’m here to help!


Every site I host includes full time SSL encryption, and the servers themselves are regularly scanned for updates and irregularities. If and when a problem arrises, I take care of it without my clients even being aware there was an issue. Keeping sites and plugins updated is also very important for the health and security of your site, so I do that as well and no extra charge.


Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or a large scale business looking for an enterprise level solution – Servers can be scaled up for outstanding performance and processing – 32 cores on datacenter-class CPUs, 512 GB RAM, 3.84 TB SSD’s and growing every day! Load times are outstanding since the servers are so close in proximity, which naturally helps your website’s search rank.


My Web Hosting Servers can be scaled up as your business grows, without the normal growing pains. Since I’m personally managing everything AND a web developer, I can quickly help your hosting server scale up without experiencing any site issues. If your site’s programming or database needs looked at for large-scale performance I can do that too.

Why Forward Trends Web Hosting?

I’m an Experienced Web Developer

I know how to fix your site when problems arise, and I know how to keep your site updated to modern standards – I’m not a random customer service department who won’t support 3rd party programming (which most sites are), and will only charge you more to restore a backup and never really fix anything. I’m heavily experienced at identifying and fixing problems with web sites, databases and servers which ensures great performance, uptime and health for your website.

Comparable Cost

For about the same cost as most basic hosting packages, you get a real person who knows this business inside and out, and can help you with virtually any issue. Oh, and my servers are MUCH faster, closer in proximity, monitored for performance and health, and I also include full time SSL encryption. My managed hosting packages start at $30 per month. Once you’re a client you’ll quickly find out that I’m very easy to work with and rarely charge for basic site updates as well when you need them.

Better Support

It doesn’t get much better than having someone who fixes issues before they arise and at no extra cost. If problems ever do happen, I’m here to resolve quickly and keep your site running smooth and healthy. When you do need something, I’m the only person you’ll ever need to talk to. This is above and beyond any typical hosting package you can find. Most web hosting companies don’t support 3rd party websites or software, meaning if you have a WordPress site – the only thing they can do is restore it from backup – what good is that if the site already had issues? I’m here to help when you need it!

Better Performance

Why pay one of the big companies for a shared server all the way across the country when your site could be loading from a neighboring zip code? I run cache, performance extensions, have CDN capability, image compression, the latest database and language software and I code all my sites with a heavy emphasis on performance and security. I can also help analyze your website for performance improvements and recommendations and can help implement them as well.

Free Migration

If you’re interested in switching to my web hosting services, I’d be happy to move your site over to my servers and take care of any domain DNS updates for free. I make the transition painless with no downtime and it won’t affect your email. Having an experienced web developer like myself handle your site migration is essential to lower the chance of backup / restore issues or catastrophic failures when the site comes back online. If your site runs on WordPress I can and will identify any issues with the site and get it updated to the latest versions during migration.

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