Advanced Web Development

I’m an expert web developer with over 2 decades of real world experience and self taught knowledge. I can hand-build 100% completely custom front end interfaces to match design and effect requirements with HTML based animations, clean CSS, and performance-minded Javascript. All while keeping your website or application fast, secure and friendly for search rank and mobile. I can help fix existing problems with your website or application, or I can help you plan, design and build a new one from scratch. API Integrations, Secure Payment Portals, Secure Private Intranets, E-Commerce, Donation Platforms, Marketing-Centric landing page animations and call to actions, and much more.

I can help facilitate advanced requirements including designing front end interfaces, planning advanced API integrations and much more. Oftentimes, these are useful for:

  • Advertising Agencies & PR Firms
  • Large Business and Non Profits
  • Universities / High Schools
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Municipalities & Government Agencies

Custom WordPress Applications

I can utilize the WordPress core software to custom build various applications to spec for my clients. Over the years these have proven to be easy to use for employees, very sustainable and secure, and can grow as you do. These can be used for inventory tracking, secure employee portals, customer record management, member management and much more. I can build headless WordPress applications to control data delivery to other locations or have WordPress export static HTML for lightning fast pages that can load anywhere you need them to (inside or outside network). Have a special requirement? I can help you strategize and plan to best utilize your budget while getting the best possible end product.

PHP Programming

Most websites on the internet today run on PHP. I have decades of experience planning and building custom PHP applications, as well as troubleshooting and improving existing code throughout hundreds of various websites and projects. Errors are one thing, but I can also help improve application performance and security if need be.

API Integrations

Companies which rely on 3rd party services to manage information oftentimes need a way to feed them to a website for things like Product Integration, Inventory Tracking, Customer Record Management and more. I have extensive experience integrating APIs directly into my custom WordPress sites, or into any existing site. API information can be integrated at various levels, from on-page embeds to automatically populating hundreds of database fields, or posts which directly update your website safely and efficiently.

HTML / CSS / Javascript Programming

I’m an expert front end developer who can hand write HTML, CSS and Javascript for whatever the need may be. I have extensive experience with jQuery and various other packages. If you need to ensure your website or application is up to modern standards and performing as well as it should be, I can help. I can handle your advanced requirements such as integrating JSON, APIs, running custom Ajax calls, integrating video and streams, or even animating page elements to fit your marketing.

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